Inside the machine

Hi, I'm Sleepymachine. I teamed up with David, literary agent extraordinaire Melissa Flashman, & jolly good fella Lemmy to build this site. I also (sadly) contributed to Bullshit Jobs.

We don't come with a User's Manual. Hopefully this site can help make up for that. The night I read his definition of desire, it broke my heart to realize how often we mutilate relationships by confusing desire with love.

“Once the historical verdict is in, we will see that the most painful loss of human freedoms began at the small scale – the level of gender relations, age groups, and domestic servitude – the kind of relationships that contain at once the greatest intimacy and the deepest forms of structural violence. If we really want to understand how it first became acceptable for some to turn wealth into power, and for others to end up being told their needs and lives don’t count, it is here that we should look.”
— Graeber & Wengrow, “How to change the course of human history (at least, the part that's already happened)”

But mainly, this site exists to inform everyone David invented Buffy Studies.



This site's logo went through a couple iterations. This little harlequin was inspired by David's explorations of logic & imagination. (For instance, it boosted my abilities to read his explanation of Heraclitus vs. Parmenides in "Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value.")

And as David mentioned in Debt, the yin-yang may be an abstraction from a debt tally stick.

Alas, some felt it didn't fit David's personality: "New Age," "hippie-ish." Haunted me to imagine people wondering: "Do his vests hide howling wolf t-shirts?"

Then I tried a Maya script version of "David." After all, his childhood fascination with Mayan hieroglyphics got him a life-changing scholarship.

Risky since I just studied ancient Mayan for this logo. What if it also happened to mean "the anarchist anthropologist"? And I was concerned this could become mysterious-symbol-as-fashion. Let's instead try making the commonplace exotic...

We went with the inevitable—David's Twitter icon. (Can't stop time—yet!) Tracing it, I wondered if numbers are angels & these fell.


Tech Organizing

Speaking of logic & imagination, I'm a proud participant of the Tech Workers Coalition. Do you find the tech industry dull and squarely pointed at a cyberpunk anti-future? Join us! The future is possible.